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The College Work Study program provides part-time employment opportunities for students who have a demonstrated financial need and who satisfy all other program requirements at Lower Brule Community College and Sinte Gleska University. Students will be paid the federal minimum wage.


The student must be enrolled in an undergraduate program of study. The Sinte Gleska University Financial Aid Office makes the decision to include College Work Study funds in the student award package. The amount of the award is based on the financial need of the student and the availability of funds.


Weekly work schedules are arranged in accordance with the student's academic class schedule. During the fall and spring semesters, a student is allowed to work a maximum of twenty hours per week. 


The application for Federal Student Aid must be completed.


For payroll purposes, we are required to collect several forms, including a Federal W4 for each student. All forms must be brought to the Financial Aid Office.

Visit or Contact our Financial Aid Office for more information or assistance with required forms.

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