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Well Rounded Students - Engaged in their Community
Severe Weather Information

The decision to cancel or delay classes will be made by the college president before 6:00 a.m. if at all possible.


Please do not call the campus for cancellation or postponement information. 


Cancellation and postponement information will be posted on KSFY news, KELO Land and Facebook.




Registration for next term begins:


Pre-registration is offered for returning students at the end of each semester.


Students register in the Community College building prior to the beginning of each semester. During registration representatives from LBCC’s Finance Office are available for consultation.


Academic consultation may take place during registration if necessary.


Students must complete the following steps to register:


  1. Complete LBCC enrollment packet, if applicable;

  2. Obtain registration packet;

  3. Consult with academic advisor for scheduling assistance and approval;

  4. Meet with the Financial Aid officer to arrange for financial assistance;

  5. Determine the amount of tuition, fees and book expense and arrange for payment of such.

  6. Return all registration material to the College office.


Late registration will be permitted until one week after the start of the semester.


Please bring to registration:

  • Copy of your high school transcripts or GED diploma


  • Census Abstract-Degree of Indian Blood (if applicable)

How We Grade

We use a 4 point system for determininng grades.  Letter grades and their numerical values are:

A = 4.0

B = 3.0

C = 2.0

D = 1.0

F = 0.0



Academic Probation


Students will be placed on Academic Probation due to failure to earn the minimum grade point average requirements determined for successful class standing and the academic program.


Students who are subject to Academic Probation may not register for more than 12 credit hours (or four courses) per semester.


If placed on Academic Probation, students will remain on Academic Probation status until they meet the minimum cumulative grade point average requirements determined for successful class standing.


Students who make satisfactory progress, but fail to earn the minimum cumulative grade point average requirements for successful class standing, will continue to be on Academic Probation for one semester. Students who do not make satisfactory progress while placed on Academic Probation will be subject to Academic Suspension.


Please refer to the Financial Aid page for information on how being placed on Academic Probation affects funding.

Transfer students wishing to obtain an Associate of Arts degree must complete a minimum of 15 semester hours at Lower Brule Community College and shall be enrolled at Lower Brule Community College during either the fall or spring semester before graduation.  All courses for which credit has been granted over five years ago need specific departmental approval before they will be transferable.


Credit Requirements

Transfer credits will satisfy college curriculum and graduation requirements if grades are C or above and if course content is comparable.


Credits earned at quarter system institutions transfer at the following rate:

1 quarter = 2/3 semester credit.


All credits transferred will be used to compute the student's overall GPA. These credits will be accepted at the value assigned by the institution from which the student transfers. Credits which are not applicable to the program in which the student is enrolling will be accepted in transfer but not applied as credit toward graduation in the program.


Non-accredited Institutions Credits

The acceptance of transfer credit from non-accredited institutions will be provisional and subject to validation by review or testing.


Acceptable GPA

A second semester transferring freshman student with less than a 1.5 GPA or a transferring student above the freshman level with less than a 2.0 GPA will be admitted only on scholastic probation and upon approval by the department chairperson for declared majors or the General Studies chairperson for undeclared majors.


Students may make schedule changes (add and/or drop classes) until the end of the third week of classes for the Fall and Spring Semsters and may be done through their academic advisors.


Courses “dropped” during this period will not be recorded on the student transcript.  The courses, in which a student is enrolled following the conclusion of the late registration period, constitute the official enrollment status and semester load.


The Drop/Add period for each of the two summer semester sessions will be during the first week of each session. A student may officially “drop” a course or courses following the conclusion of the DROP/ADD period and before three-fourths (the end of the twelfth week) of the semester is completed.


In all cases, courses “dropped” during the designated time period will be recorded as a “W” on the student transcript.



Add or Drop a Class
Change Request Forms

Do you need to update your contact information (phone, address, etc.)? Are you wanting to add or change your academic program? Perhaps you've recently married and need to change your name. You can easily let us know using the appropriate form below.

  • Download the Address Change Form (PDF)

  • Download the Name Change Form (PDF)

  • Download the Program Change Form (PDF)


Application for Graduation

Applications for graduation must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office at least three months prior to the completion of students’ attainment of associate, baccalaureate or graduate degree program requirements.


Applications must include the signature of the appropriate Department Chairperson attesting that all degree requirements should be successfully completed before the scheduled graduation date.


Any changes in the student graduation status must be reported to the Registrar’s Office no later than May 1 of a given academic year.


Students who have outstanding bills will be permitted to graduate; however, a financial hold will be placed on official transcripts until such time as a payment plan is established or the bill is paid in full.

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