We are delighted that you are considering Lower Brule Community College as your college choice to start, continue, or complete your education plan. One of the biggest challenges students and their families face in selecting a college is how to cover the cost of education. Financial Aid is designed to help meet the difference between the cost of college and your (or your family‚Äôs) ability to pay. The purpose of our Financial Aid Office is to assist you, the student, to locate and receive financial resources for which you are eligible.


As a student at Lower Brule Community College, you may be able to reduce your college expenses with financial assistance in the form of Pell grants or higher education grants, scholarships, and work-study programs. Financial aid is routed through federal, state, Tribal and agencies and programs. 


Please contact the us to help you find the assistance you need to further your education and accomplish your goals.


We have compiled the information necessary for you to begin the process of applying for Federal and State sources of financial aid, and to explore the Educational Tax Benefits that might apply to you.


  • Download Federal and State Financial Aid Information (PDF)


  • FAFSA Website (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)



Financial Aid Forms
  • Dependent Verification Worksheet (PDF)


  • Independent Verification Worksheet (PDF)






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For financial aid, policies and processes, documentation, eligibility, and scholarships, 

please contact:

Cecelia Wright

Financial Aid Office

(605) 473-9232 

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PO Box 230

111 Little Partisan Lane

Lower Brule, SD , 57548

Ph: (605) 473-9232

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Library and Resource Center 137 Sacred Circle Dr.

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