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Please be advised that some courses have additional fees for labs, technology, uniforms, and related items, which will appear on your bill as part of the registration process. 

Tuition Fee Refund Policy


  • If classes are dropped before the end of the DROP/ADD period, one hundred percent (100%) of the money will be refunded with no charge.

  •  If classes are dropped after the DROP/ADD period, one hundred percent (100%) of the charges will be assessed and there is no refund.

Undergraduate Level Tuition

$110 per credit hour for each credit hour 1-12

Registration Fee

$10 per credit hour

Affiliation Fee

$30 per credit

Student Fee

$50 per semester

Technology Fee

$50 per semester

Lab Fees

as advertised per class

Records Management Fee

$74 (one time fee)


amount of purchase

Audit or Test-out Fee

$100 per course

High School/Dual Enrollment

All Fees are waived you will be charge only for books

Elderly Waiver (50 or over)

One class per semester all fees and books are free

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