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Staff and Faculty


2023 Summer Faculty

Dr. Natalie Anderson         President

Amanda Charger                Administrative Assistant

Cecelia Charger-Wright     Financial Aid/Records Management

Jalynn Eagle                        Mental Health Assistant

Kari Gosmire                      Speech Therapist

Lynn Harrison                    Office Manager

Rebecca Kennedy              Administrative Assistant

Jordan Poitra                      Library/GED/IT

Janelle Stewart                   Early Childhood Specialist

Dr. Doris Stiles                   Educational Coach

Kathleen Udehn                Language Specialist

Dr. Soozi Weisflock           Educational Coach

Dr. Natalie Anderson

John Arterberry

Lindsay Bruckner

Trisha Burke

Jeshua Estes

Dr. Bree Oatman

Lorri Wagner

Dr. Soozi Weisflock

Cecelia Wright

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